Today, West IPC’s differentiation only begins with award–winning technology. What will keep us differentiated over the long term are our people. The human dimension extends to these three key elements:

Our focus has been on serving companies of all sizes operating in geographically dispersed locations. And in serving those companies, we have seen nearly every challenge possible over the past 10+ years. Because our involvement extends to the smallest of details, our understanding of your system and the business needs that underlie its design is second to none.

From our Network Operations Center to Solution Design, Account Management, and Procurement, our team is comprised of people who are brilliantly ingenious. The kinds of people who read Cisco manuals for fun and who review the latest draft ITU standards to catch errors. We are not a collection of people with a passing interest in technology who are chasing the latest “new thing.” We are committed to advancing our knowledge and the industry as a whole.

Experience and expertise without a commitment to service has no value. The competitive landscape is littered with firms having expertise but no empathy or connection to their customers. At West IP Communications, we truly value our customer relationships. We understand and acknowledge the potential risks that come with large-scale system changes. And so we built a process to mitigate risks from the very beginning. We listen, question, and understand before all else. We recognize that there is nowhere to hide from a customer failure and that a failure of any type puts our very existence at risk.

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