The ThinkingPhones platform is the most advanced, reliable, scalable, and secure cloud solution available. In addition to serving midsized and larger enterprise companies, we make our platform, including an extensive back office deployment and billing toolkit, available to service providers, PBX vendors, OEM partners, and others looking to sell and deploy differentiated cloud UC services.

Deeply-integrated applications. Voice, mobility, video, analytics, presence, messaging, contact center, and conferencing readily connect distributed workforces, wherever they are located and on whatever devices they use to communicate and collaborate. We support mobile smartphones and tablets, softphones, and desktop devices.

Built-in smarts. A powerful analytics engine captures data across applications and throughout the company to provide management insight and visibility into workforce activities, reducing human latency and response times and enabling measurable streamlining of critical internal, as well as customer-facing, processes.

Flexible web services APIs. Based on open standards, ThinkingSuite readily integrates with key business applications many enterprises already have in place such as CRM and ERP. What’s more, our expansive Web service API library offers enterprises the flexibility needed to bring applications specific to their business – in some cases applications developed by or for their company’s specific use – under a cloud communications umbrella to facilitate collaboration and make workforces more productive and agile.

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