At ScaleMatrix, pioneering vision and industry proven track records are part of our pre-requisite.
Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans responsible the construction and operation of no less than 7 distinct Data Center projects over the past decade. Innovation is in our blood, and the result of this relentless drive towards improvement is our flagship San Diego Data Center and headquarters.

Our feature rich solution set and cutting edge Data Centers help us attract top talent at every level of our organization. Business Unit leaders carry a minimum of 10 years industry experience within the respective fields, and a majority of our staff managers and leads have similar backgrounds.

With talent and intellectual property being at the forefront of the ScaleMatrix offering, we have structured unique incentives and employee ownership benefits to reward performance and ensure the longevity of our prized resources within our organization.

We believe that each and every team member is an integral piece of our overall success. As each of us share a portion of the responsibility for making ScaleMatrix the best possible Colocation and Cloud Service Provider available, we also share in the returns from those efforts.

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