We embrace core values of customer, innnovation, and accountability. These traditional core values are described below:


  • Customers determine everything we do.
  • Providing an exceptional customer experience is the responsibility of every Mitel employee.
  • We respect and value the essential contribution that all of our customers, including our partners, make to Mitel’s success.


Innovation has been the mindset at Mitel for more than 40 years. It was our founding pledge and it is our prevailing expectation. It is the reason we come to Mitel.
Innovation extends beyond the R&D lab into every aspect of our business – from our operations, to our partner programs, to our marketing, to our financial management.

  • It enables us to help our customers see and create the future.
  • It enables us to attract and retain the best minds in the industry.
  • It enables us to deliver superior financial results.


  • We align our work with company strategies and objectives.
  • We set challenging goals, honour commitments, and deliver results.
  • We foster an environment where individuals at all levels have accountability, responsibility, and authority.
  • We recognize and reward success.
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